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Worlds Of Logo

Welcome to Worlds Of

An Encyclopedia of Your Worlds

Worlds Of is intended to serve as an online encyclopedia of the people, places, and things found in literary works of science fiction and fantasy.

Think of it as doing for multiple literary worlds what Memory Alpha does for Star Trek. Entries should look similar to what you find there. Here are just a few random examples: Nydrom, Quantum Fissure, and SS Tsiolkovsky. It is not just a place for people to find out about a literary work, it is a chance for them to dive deep into the backstory, to immerse in the details of the other world. If you are an author, we invite you to details of your world which never made it into your book(s).

All entries are made with the relevant author's express permission. If you are an author who would like your to have your creations listed, or you are a fan of an author listed on this site and wish to participate in making entries, please participate


Report problems here:

Authors who have material ready to view


The following list of authors have given approval for their literary works to be described on this site.

If you are an author who would like to be listed here please contact worldsof(at)stevenrbrandt(dot)com.