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Official Website for Mike's work: Michael Z. Williamson

Freehold Series

  • Better to Beg Forgiveness...
  • Do Unto Others...
  • When Diplomacy Fails...
  • The Brute Force Approach (short story)
  • Freehold
  • The Humans Called It Duty (short story)
  • The Price (short story)
  • The Weapon
  • Rogue
  • Contact with Chaos

Target: Terror series (contemporary)

  • The Scope of Justice
  • Targets of Opportunity
  • Confirmed Kill

Legacy of the Aldenata

The Hero (with John Ringo)


All are short stories

  • Naught But Duty
  • The Sword Dancer
  • Wounded Bird
  • The Groom's Price (with Gail Sanders)
  • The Bride's Task (with Gail Sanders)

Elemental Masters

  • A Flower Grows in WhiteChapel (with Gail Sanders)(short story)

Clan of the Claw

  • Exiled: Clan of the Claw, Novella Battle's Tide