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Welcome to the worlds of Jayme Evans.

Jayme Evans writes futuristic/sci-fi stories of other worlds, galaxies and people with powers and abilities beyond those of normal humans. In Jayme's world, The To Wish Series, you can find royalty who hold power with telepathic, telekinetic and empathic abilities as well as other galaxies with feline shapeshifters and enslaving lizard people. You can find worlds far advanced in addition to worlds much more primitive than Earth. All books are available at Wings ePress, Inc at link

Books in her To Wish Series are...

To Wish Upon a Star


Julia Lincoln loves Halloween night and trick-or-treaters, but when an injured, costumed man stumbles into her living room, he isn’t a trick but a real treat to the eyes. She had never dreamed to actually go out in space, and make her wishes upon a star come true.

Daamic of the family Ominar, had only wanted to study the humans on the interesting planet called Earth, but when an assassin’s attempt landed him in the lovely Earthling’s abode, he wants to show her more of his world…and his heart.

To Wish For Peace


Tramall wants revenge for the murder of his consort and villagers. He is a lord, a warrior…a Grand Bastis. By mere chance of birth, he is larger, stronger and deadlier than most his shape shifting kind. By law of vengeance, he can capture his enemy’s children, but he must keep his heart from being taken by the beautiful Trespasser.

Elayna wishes for peace and love. When she came to Elfax with her family, she never dreamed she’d be caught up in the revenge due her father’s cruelty. Her empathic abilities tell her that her captor is not as cruel as he seems, but can she survive as his slave?

To Wish For Love


Ralf of the family Ominar wished for love, but he never dreamed of finding it on Earth like his cousin had. Ralf loved the research on Earth and the people of Earth, and when he came across a beautiful next-door neighbor of his cousin's consort, he needed to get to know her. Could he justify more research in a saturated data bank just to get to know the little law enforcement agent?

Widow Jenna Fielding, police officer in a small town, never dreamed that visitors from space could show up in her little neighborhood, but when alien technology saves her life, she can't deny that the handsome man with 'cat's' eyes was really from another planet. She had never wanted to leave her 'safe' community, but when deadly circumstances take her far away from home, she can't deny the effect this prince has on her.

To Wish For Trust


Lance Lincoln left Earth with his sister to become an Earth Ambassador to an empire Earth knew nothing about. Living in the palace and the 'good life' didn't suit him and he longed for more. Becoming Jahoman, a holy man, a fighting man of peace, filled the emptiness he had found because he could never return to Earth. He fears his sister wouldn't understand and he travels to Elfax to explore and think. Never did he think he'd become a slave to a beautiful Elfaxen woman. He could only Hope for Trust.

Bastis Malena, rare among her kind. As a shape shifter and sister to Grand Bastis Braize, warlord of the village, many of the village men sought her. Her childhood sweetheart had been killed and vengeance fulfilled, but the docile red-haired man, brought to her as a gift, came from the planet she never heard of and didn't fit the pattern of slave. She never expected to trust this man, much less, fall in love with him. He would leave and return to the stars and she'd be alone.

To Wish For Hope


Malleneese Sharah of the family Hast lives in the wilds of Elfax and is afraid of men. When she finds the unclothed Elfaxen on the freezing forest floor, she goes against the fears, and maybe her better judgment and takes him to her shelter. Later when she is captured as a slave by the lizard people from the planet Coss, can she wish for hope that Braise will go against everything he knows and rescue her so far away?

Grand Basis Braize doesn't know what to think of the beautiful Malleneese woman, who lives alone on the mountaintop. When at last he convinces her to go to his village, he is amazed how womanly she can be, even with her male clothing. Can he ever convince her that not all men are dangerous to her? He can only hope.

To Wish For Someone


Celesta of the family Carro, from the Euphratorian Empire, used to an emperor, and used to very little violence in a near utopian society. She wishes to explore this world that the empire’s prince found his consort. Earth. She would go there for a year and learn how the people interacted with each other.

Doctor Jordan Barclay is called in when his lovely patient can’t even tell her name. She’s so lovely and brave, but says the strangest things about her surroundings as if she had never seen the inside of a hospital or a plastic garment bag. Beyond his duty, he feels he must follow through on her progress. He had always wished for someone like her...

To Wish For Adventure


Princess Elkava of the family Ominar is third in line for the enormous Euphratorian Empire, but she wished for adventure beyond the empire’s scope. When a new star system is discovered she wants to go ‘solo’ and explore but her emperor father refuses to let her travel without a detail of warships as escorts. Little does she know that the adventure could be more than learning about a new planet.

Kandon of the family Vaker is concerned for his dwindling family, refugees from a distant solar system. As leader of his people, even at his young age he must find the truth. The lovely intruder could only be a Vaker or Ominar, even though she gives another family name, but has she come to back the government who seeks genocide against his family?

Characters in the To Wish Series

Book 1: To Wish Upon A Star (The story of Daamic and Julia)

Supreme Commander and Crown Prince Daamic of the family Ominar

  Supreme Admiral of the Interplanetary Starship League of Euphratorian Empire
  First in line of secession to throne.
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.

Emperor Thayus Crosus Sussa of the family Ominar, father of Daamic

  Emperor of the Euphratorian Empire since Venix-Mallen War.
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.
  Good, fair ruler who rules because of abilities and by the people's choice   

Empress Emeliana of the families Shamarka and Ominar

  Mother of Daamic, Elkava and Dorrac, and consort of Emperor Thayus
  Commoner, no powers, 

Princes Elkava of the family Vaker, sister to Daamic (book 7)

  Third in line to throne
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.

Princess Dorrac of the family Vaker, sister to Daamic

  Fourth in line to throne
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.

Chancellor Zando of the family Vaker, Daamic’s uncle-by-law, of Trio-Planet Venix

  He and his son are the last of the family Vaker after the Venix-Mallen War.
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.
  Ruthless and envious of the crown. 

Prince Korran of the family Vaker, Zando's son, of Trio-Planet Venix

  Second in line to throne   
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.

Julia Lincoln of Earth

  Computer consultant who travels a lot with job. Lives in the family home where Prince Daamic stumbles in on Halloween night.
  Brown-haired, brown-eyed, petite

Lance Lincoln of Earth (book 1, book 4)

  Brother to Julia Lincoln, college student at small local college, who pops in and out of the Lincoln home.
  Red-haired, green-eyed
  Later to become Malleneese Jahoman, form fighter

Chief Researcher Prince Ralf of the family Ominar of Mallen

  Nephew of Emperor Thayus, orphan son of his brother and raised as a son with Daamic
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.

Book 2: To Wish For Peace ( The story of Tramall and Elayna)

Grand Bastis Tramall, feline shape shifter and warlord of a village on Elfax

  Shape-shifting bastis and Alpha leader on Elfax. Seeks fulfillment of vengeance vow, made because his consort was killed in a raid by Commander Connan.
  Premise of vengeance vow is to take revenge on the guilty party, by taking captive as a slave or killing children or family of the perpetrator. 

Elayna of the family Connan (24 Malleneese years old)

  Oldest daughter of Commander Connan. Captured by Grand Bastis Tramall in vengeance vow.
  Origin is Planet Mallen, Current home is near Elfaxen Fortress Genes
  Ability, Empathic touch, rare non-Ominar trait
  Wishes for peace between the Cherroks and her father.

Drullic of the family Connan, (18 Malleneese years old) brother to Elayna

  Oldest son of Commander Connan

Haaler of the family Connan, (12 Malleneese years old) brother to Elayna

  Youngest son of Commander Connan

Teela of the family Connan, (8 Malleneese years old, sister to Elayna

  Second daughter of Commander Connan
  Ability, Empathic touch, rare non-Ominar-Vaker trait

Meesha of the family Connan, (5 Malleneese years old) sister to Elayna

  Youngest daughter of Commander Connan
  Ability, Empathic touch, rare non-Ominar-Vaker trait

Commander Vicca of the family Connan

  Vengeful father of Connan children. Reputed academic writers can perform wonderful academic papers for you. Moreover, that will be worth to purchase papers at the academic writing service where such great essay writers work. 
  Sought revenge for death of his brother. Nearly wiped out Cherrok village, killing Tramall's consort and unborn child.
  Forced into retirement after attack on village, owns trading post on Elfax, near Fortress Genes.
  Leads huge rescue party against Tramall's village to rescue his family.

Book 3: To Wish For Love (The story of Ralf and Jenna)

Prince Ralf of the family Ominar (introduced book 1)

  Third in line to throne in first book, Fourth in line now.   
  White hair, blue eyes with 'cat' irises with night vision.
  Abilities - telepathy, telekinesis and empathic.
  Nephew to Emperor Thayus, son of Thayus' brother, raised with Thayus' children in the palace
  Commander of his own research star-ship now and back on Earth to study them.
  Wishes for a love like Daamic and Julia (book 1) 

Policewoman Jenna Fielding-Carter of Earth

  Long reddish-brown hair, green eyes
  Widow of policeman Riley Fielding, killed in line of duty same day as her father in same incidence
  Injured and taken aboard Prince Ralf's starship.

Benjamin Tyler Fielding of Earth

  Two-year-old son of Jenna
  Reddish brown, curly hair
  Taken aboard Ralf's starship in second incident

Police Captain Steven Sheraton of Earth

  Jenna's boss.
  Brown graying hair, close friend of father and now watches out for Jenna. 
  Injured in second incident and taken aboard Ralf's starship.

Book 4: To Wish For Trust (The Story of Lance and Malena)

Ambassador Lance Lincoln of Earth (introduced in book 1)

  Brother to Julia Lincoln, consort to Crown prince Daamic of the family Ominar
  Ambassador to Earth (In title only because Earth doesn't know of the Euphratorian Empire or space travellers
  Mallen Jahoman, peaceful but skilled foot and hand fighter, skilled with melee weapons
  Taken captive by Cherrok warrior, Straka, because of a vengeance vow. Falsely made a slave to Bastis Melena.
  Wishes for trust with his Cherrok captors. Seeks that trust without revealing that is is brother to the Crown prince's consort

Bastis Malena, feline shape shifter of Elfax

  Rare female bastis, one in 5000 Cherroks, where men are one in two hundred.
  Owner of strange red-haired Earthing, given to her by Straka, who sought vengeance for the death of his brother.

Grand Bastis Braize, feline shape shifter and warlord of a village on Elfax

  Brother to Bastis Malena and leader of Cherrok village

Book 5: To Wish For Hope (The Story of Braize and Sharah)

Grand Bastis Braize( introduced in book 4)

  Bastis leader who is injured and returned to health by Malleneese settler, Sharah of the family Hast

Sharah of the family Hast from Trio-World planet of Mallen

  Malleneese settler in the Land Between The Gaps.
  Self-sufficient woman who wears men's clothing and lives alone on Elfaxen mountain top.
  Doesn't trust men because of nearly being raped by one in wilds of Mallen
  Captured by Lizard people from Coss
  Wishes for hope to survive.

Thuzz from Planet Coss

  Intelligent lizard man who captures Sharah and takes her to home planet as a slave
  Reptilian lizard creature who has short arms and large body with tail.
  Note: The Cossars are physically inapt for manual labor and take children or expectant mothers as slaves to serve them. Mothers are usually killed and the child raised without affection.

Conzz from Planet Coss

  Lizard man, nest brother to Thuzz

Book 6: To Wish For Someone (The Story of Celesta and Jordan)

Celesta of the family Carro of Mallen

  Malleneese student who studies human relationships on Earth
  Long corn-tassel blond hair, cut to waist for study on Earth.
  Brother to Lt. Dartho of the family Carro, killed in first book while protecting Daamic
  Wishes for someone to love and share her life.

Dr. Jordan Barclay of Earth

  Neurologist who treats Celesta's temporary amnesia after she is hit by a car.
  Questions blood anomaly. Seeks relationship to learn more of his patient with her amnesia.
  Questions strange comments and actions of Celesta. Thinks she's confused but then later thinks she's insane.

Rebecca Barclay of Earth

  Sister to Jordan

Robert Barclay

  Father of Jordan, who has terminal cancer

Gordie Johnstone of Earth

  Celesta's attacker and campus bully

Grant Johnstone of Earth

  Celesta's kidnapper, in attempt to get cousin, Gordie, out of jail

Grady Johnstone of Earth

  Co-kidnapper, cousin to Gordie

Melissa Johnstone of Earth

  Co-kidnapper, wife to Grant

Michael Patrick of Earth

  College campus friend and study partner to Celesta.
  Doesn't know of her origins but knows of Gordie and his reputation.

Detective Kevin Greely of Beacon PD of Earth

  Detective investigator in the Johnstones' later disappearances

Book 7: To Wish For Adventure (The Story of Elkava and Kandon)

Princess Elkava of the family Ominar

  Malleneese explorer and adventurer, sister to Crown Prince Ominar
  Wishes to explore new parts of the universe
  Wishes for adventure out of the palace life

Kandon of the family Vaker

  Remnant of family Vaker from Trio-World Venix (Vakers introduced in book 1) on Planet Alerone
  Leader of the rebellion
  Captures Elkava right off her starship and holds her to use in the rebellion in attempt to get the empire to start a war, looking for her.

Jeerrad of the family Vaker

  2nd in command of the family Vaker on Alerone

Grask of the family Vaker

  3rd in command of the family Vaker on Alerone

Karata of the family Vaker

  4th in command of the family Vaker

High Lord Gondran Rendoran

  Leader in Vaker genocide.
  Dictator of the Rendoran government, attempting to overthrow whole continent

Matish Maost of Planet Alerone

  Rebel with Kandon, fighting for independence
  Aleroneese interpreter to Crown Prince Daamic after Daamic comes to find Elkava

Franken Temert of Planet Alerone

  Rebel with Kandon, fighting for independence

Worlds in the To Wish Series

Euphratoria Galaxy

Spearica Solar System in Euphratoria Galaxy

Trio Worlds - three planets in same orbit

 Rare occurrence of three, nearly identical planets circling in the same orbit of the Spearica sun.
 All three worlds equal size and equal climates. 

Planet Venix - 3rd orbit - Trio World

 Home of the family Vaker

Planet Mallen - 3rd orbit- Trio World

 Home of the family Ominar
 Mostly topical. Capital of Euphratorian Empire is Farleen, which is a colorful city of domes and towers. The Wallonia Palace is home to Emperor Thayus of the family Ominar, father to Daamic 
 Mallen Time
   Minute     70 seconds
   Hour       70 minutes
   Day        26 hours
   Week       6 days
   Month      36 days
   Year       ten months (360 days)

Planet Spartin - 3rd orbit - Trio World

Planet Tenia - 4th orbit

Hyandrican Solar System in Euphratoria Galaxy

Planet Fassia

Planet Nanar

Planet Rodantia

Ralftoria Galaxy

Colonus Solar System in the Ralftoria Galaxy

Planet Coss, 2nd planet

  Desert dry planet of lizard people.
  No water on the desert surface. Rainfall is in distant mountains, where Cossars never go.
  Citizens live in Nests with oldest egg-mate as leader.
  Slavers of off-world aliens who can serve them. Take children and mothers with child.

Planet Astrov

Planet Rassen

Plaxia Solar System in the Ralftoria Galaxy

Planet Elfax, home of the bastis. Native people are Elfaxens. Bastis tribe is Cherroks.

  The mountainous continent of Eolos is the most populated and is divided into three parts: 
     * Lands north of Hennesee mountain gap, occupied by the Shamacs, Iracaans and Cherroks native tribes
     * Lands between the gaps of Hennesee and Manatrobe, currently occupied by Fortrax crystal miners from the Euphratorian Empire
          5000 or more setters reside on Elfax in four Fortresses in Land Between The Gaps.
          The Pront Waterway flows north and south in the valley between each gap and divides the land East and West.
     *Lands south of Manatrobe mountain gap, occupied by the Sutrucks and Delagwins native tribes.
  Elfax Time:
    Minute     80 seconds
    Hour       80 minutes
    Day        30 hours
    Week       quartermonth (10 days)
    Month      four quartermonths (40 days)
    Year       ten months (400 days)

Planet Hallen

Planet Ranst

Masdrona/Hendreca Galaxy (Euphratorian name/Aleroneese name)

Grantesk Solar system in the Masdrona/Hendreca Galaxy

Planet Alerone (3rd planet)

 Home of the displaced family Vaker, who were political refugees some fifty years before.
 Creshon of the family Vaker fled destruction from Halzad of the Family Vaker, who would not recognize illegitimate son of his father, Creshon and sought to kill Creshon and his family.
 Gaining notice at first as gifted because of their poers, the family Vaker thrived until High Lord Gondran Rendoran took control of the government and sought to annihilate the family Vaker.