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The Drift Lords Series

WARRIOR LORD (The Drift Lords Series, #3) Coming Next from Wild Rose Press

WARRIOR ROGUE (The Drift Lords Series, #2)) A fashion designer and a space ops warrior race to fulfill an ancient prophecy and save the world while denying their desire for each other. Trade PB: 978-1-61217-739-7, $16.99, Wild Rose Press, April 26, 2013 Kindle ASIN: B00AU62NQS, $5.99, Dec. 27, 2012 Nook ID: 2940016641157, $5.99, Wild Rose Press, May 2, 2013

WARRIOR PRINCE (The Drift Lords Series, #1) A space warrior joins forces with a sexy mythologist to stop a dimensional rift from destroying Earth. But as they discover a more intimate meaning for stellar relations, will their passion end in betrayal? Trade PB: 978-1-61217-357-3, $15.99, Wild Rose Press, Sept. 21, 2012 Kindle ASIN: B009ESNVOG, $5.99, Wild Rose Press, Sept. 20, 2012 Nook ID: 2940015628449, $5.99, Wild Rose Press, Sept. 21, 2012

Science Fiction Romances

SILVER SERENADE A beautiful assassin and a desperate fugitive join forces to catch a terrorist and prevent an intergalactic war. Trade PB: 978-1-60154-782-8, $15.99, Wild Rose Press, July 16, 2010 Kindle ASIN: B003VRZVKI, $2.99, Wild Rose Press, July 13, 2010 Nook ID: 2940043338105, $2.99, Wild Rose Press, Aug. 2, 2010

KEEPER OF THE RINGS A beautiful archaeologist and her mysterious protector search for a stolen sacred artifact. Kindle ASIN: B005C5YXRO, $2.99, July 10, 2011 Nook ID: 2940013129672, $2.99, July 26, 2011

STARLIGHT CHILD (The Light-Years Series, #3) On a desperate mission to save a baby kidnapped by terrorists, psychic Mara Hendricks and Cmdr. Deke Sage discover a powerful passion that distracts them from their goal. Kindle ASIN: B004A155RS, $3.99, Belgrave House, Oct 30, 2010 Nook ID: 2940043337719, $4.00, Belgrave House, July 19, 2010

MOONLIGHT RHAPSODY (The Light-Years Series, #2) When Lord Rolf Cam'brii's ship crashes on the planet Souk, he's taken prisoner and thrown into a slave labor camp. Here he catches the eye of the beautiful female overseer, Ilyssa. As he learns her secrets, he finds himself falling under her spell. Kindle ASIN: B0047DW5LS, $3.99, Belgrave House, Oct. 14, 2010 Nook ID: 2940043325273, $4.30, Belgrave House, June 14, 2010

CIRCLE OF LIGHT (The Light-Years Series, #1) Attorney Sarina Bretton is kidnapped from Earth by Captain Teir Reylock of the Coalition Defense League. As the legendary Great Healer, Sarina is destined to marry Lord Cam'brii, a stiff politician, but she falls in love with the captain instead. Kindle ASIN: B0042P5CZM , $3.99, Belgrave House, Sept. 11, 2010 Nook ID: 2940043319517, $4.00, Belgrave House, March 22, 2010

Bad Hair Day Mysteries

HANGING BY A HAIR (Bad Hair Day Mystery #11) Marla and Dalton Vail move into their new neighborhood and discover a murder next door. Hardcover 978-1-4328-2814-1, Five Star, April 2014

SHEAR MURDER (Bad Hair Day Mystery #10) Hairstylist Marla Shore attends her friend’s wedding where she discovers the matron of honor stabbed to death with the cake knife. Can she unmask the killer before she’s next to wear a veil... to her own funeral? Hardcover: 978-1-4328-2554-6, $25.95, Five Star , Jan. 18, 2012 Kindle ASIN: B00CBDRGQU, $3.19, Five Star, Feb. 8, 2012

KILLER KNOTS (Bad Hair Day Mystery #9) Troubled waters lie ahead when hairstylist Marla Shore and her fiancé Dalton Vail sail away on their first Caribbean cruise. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-8676-4, $13.95, E-Reads July 3, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B002BTT0MC, $4.30, Kensington, Nov. 1, 2008 Nook ID: 9780758246615, $4.80, E-Reads, Nov. 1, 2008

PERISH BY PEDICURE (Bad Hair Day Mystery #8) Just as her fiancé Detective Dalton Vail’s uptight former in-laws descend on her home, Marla is up to her roots in a big time beauty show that could make or break her career. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-8682-5, $12.95, E-Reads , July 3, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B003XRERJC, $3.49, E-Reads, Dec. 1, 2006 Nook ID: 9780759286870, $3.99, E-Reads, July 1, 2009

DEAD ROOTS (Bad Hair Day Mystery #7) Marla’s family reunion at a haunted Florida resort turns up dead bodies instead of fond memories. She and her fiancé, Detective Dalton Vail, launch another murder investigation in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-8688-7, $12.95, E-Reads, July 3, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B003XREU30 , $3.99, E-Reads, July 1, 2010 Nook ID: 9780758288097, $5.15, E-Reads, Nov. 1, 2006

DIED BLONDE (Bad Hair Day Mystery #6) Marla stumbles over her rival’s body in the meter room behind their competing salons. Her boyfriend, hunky Detective Vail, asks for her help in solving the murder. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-8694-8, $12.95, E-Reads, June 25, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B003XREU8K , $3.49, E-Reads, July 1, 2010 Nook ID: 9780758291233, $4.29, E-Reads, Nov. 1, 2005

HIGHLIGHTS TO HEAVEN (Bad Hair Day Mystery #5) Marla lands a case close to home when her pet loving neighbor named Goat disappears, leaving his animals alone and a dead body in his master bedroom. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-8700-6, $12.95, E-Reads, June 25, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B003XRES96 , $3.99, E-Reads, July 1, 2010 Nook ID: 9780759287051, $3.99, E-Reads, July 1, 2009

BODY WAVE (Bad Hair Day Mystery #4) Marla goes undercover as a nurse’s aide for wealthy Miriam Pearl to investigate her granddaughter’s murder. While Marla snoops into the elderly matriarch’s affairs, her friend Detective Vail is afraid the only affair she’ll snag is with her ex-spouse, Stan. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-6010-8, $12.95, E-Reads, July 3, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B00427YLD4, $3.49, E-Reads, Sept. 6, 2010 Nook ID: 2940000083338, $3.99, E-Reads, Dec. 22, 2004

MURDER BY MANICURE (Bad Hair Day Mystery #3) Marla joins a fitness club to get in shape, but she finds a murder instead of an exercise program. To complicate matters, Detective Dalton Vail disapproves of the charade she’s playing to help a friend. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-6110-5, $12.95, E-Reads, July 3, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B00427YLA2 , $3.49, E-Reads, Sept. 6, 2010 Nook ID: 2940000090527, $3.99, E-Reads, Feb. 1, 2005

HAIR RAISER (Bad Hair Day Mystery #2) Beauty salon owner Marla Shore volunteers for Ocean Guard, a coastal preservation society. When someone sabotages their gala fund-raiser, she must comb through a knot of suspects to unmask a killer. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-5865-5, $12.95, E-Reads, June 28, 2004 Kindle ASIN: B003XREROM, $3.99, E-Reads, July 1, 2010 Nook ID: 2940000072400, $3.99, E-Reads, March 11, 2004

PERMED TO DEATH (Bad Hair Day Mystery #1) Sassy hairstylist Marla Shore is giving grumpy Mrs. Kravitz a perm when her client croaks in the shampoo chair. If that isn’t enough to give her a Bad Hair Day, handsome Detective Dalton Vail suspects Marla of poisoning the woman’s coffee creamer. Trade PB: 978-0-7592-8706-8, $12.95, E-Reads, June 25, 2009 Kindle ASIN: B003XREQRU, $3.49, E-Reads, July 1, 2010 Nook ID: 9780759287112, $3.99, E-Reads, July 1, 2009

Romantic Mystery Novella

“WICKED” WOMEN WHODUNIT MaryJanice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Jennifer Apodaca, Nancy J. Cohen “Three Men and a Body” novella by Nancy J. Cohen Reality show contestant Heather Payne has her hands full competing against her team mates to win a bed-and-breakfast inn, but she doesn’t count on murder being part of the game or on the tantalizing diversion caused by handsome contestant Rex Gerard. Mass Market 978-0-7582-1027-2, $6.99 Kensington, Nov. 1, 2011 Kindle ASIN: B005UVVR2E, $4.99, Kensington, Nov. 1, 2011 Nook ID: 9780758273727, $5.09, Kensington, Nov. 1, 2011